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Product estimating is important when working on your own project. You do not want to come to the end of your project to find that you are not going to have enough materials or that you have gotten too much and now need to figure out how to dispose of the overages. When estimating the amount of materials you need for your project, you can maybe use one of these material estimators below or better yet, ask one of our experienced staff members to assist you in estimating the amount of materials you should need to successfully complete your project.  Our years of experience in helping Santa Barbara County residents with their home improvement projects will help to eliminate mistakes that are made commonly by homeowners like over-ordering or under-ordering materials. This can cost you both time and money that is much better suited for something else. These common mistakes can be both troublesome and aggravating bringing project production to a stop. Save time and money by simply checking with our staff members for their recommendation before you order and you can’t go wrong. If there are any questions, just call us, we will be glad to help.

If you have any questions about material calculation, please feel free to call us.


  • Most residential concrete is poured at 3.5″ thick (actual thickness of a 2×4)
  • Commercial driveways are usually 5.5″ thick (actual thickness of a 2×6)
  • Commonly use 5 or 6 sack mixes (5 or 6 sacks of cement per cubic yard)

Rock or Mulch Ground Covers

  • Normally laid 2 to 3 inches thick to prevent weed growth. Ideally over a commercial  grade weed fabric
  • When using a course gravel 1″ or more, consider putting a layer of smaller gravel down, then overlay a layer of the coarse gravel for the final texture. The smaller gravel will provide superior coverage, then the larger gravel provides the desired texture.

Bags are usually 30 to 40 per cubic yard based on 120 pounds per cubic foot for concrete, gravel, etc. (heavy materials).

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